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Theodore’s First Birthday

 Birthday Party Photographer Sydney

Just when you thought kid’s birthday parties could not get any cooler, over the weekend my bar raised up another level. This one has been the most amazing, most extravagent, most everything you could possibly have. This was certainly one very lucky one year old. I think the young boy won’t even remember this eventful day in his life, but as the person who contacted me to book this party in told me, “That’s why we hire photographers, so he can see it when he’s older”. And I am sure he will, and appreciate what mummy and daddy did for him when he turned one.

The regular looking community hall was transformed into a Carnival, where you had so many fun activities to participate in. You had to give a ticket to play the games, and if you succeeded in the games, you win a small prize. There was tin can throw, baloon darts, ring toss, shooting gallery, rubber duckies and many more. There was even a lolly cart that had jars of sweets so you can munch while you’re playing games.

Inside the hall there was a crazy photo station, paint station so you can draw a picture of the birthday boy. And there was fantastic food and drinks, but the real showcase was the dessert table. There were macarons made from Asian inspired flavours such as durian, cocunut and watermelon. There was a ferris wheel of cupcakes, lollie dispensers of bubble gum, cookies with Theodore’s name on it, even giant cardboard letters of theo’s name.

And that’s not all. The cakes were the absolute masterpiece, with 3 separate cakes with a monkey and elephants on top. The attention to detail patience and time it took to make those cakes, biscuits, food and carnival games would have been many many many hours of sweat, blood and tears. There’s no way I could do this, and not many people would. But it was the love of a very proud aunty that did all of this amazing work for this lucky little boy. And her name is Dao. Let me know if you ever need a person to make anything like this for you. She makes magic happen, as you can certainly see.

Here’s the story of the day and how it unfolded, in pictures.