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Terry Li’s Family Portraits

Family Portrait Photographer Sydney

I spent a few hours documenting a family gathering last weekend. I really enjoy shooting when the entire family loves taking photos, and it makes my job a lot easier. Even the grandparents loved being in front of the camera! I was presented with a few problems, where I arranged to go to a local park for some family photos, but as soon as we stepped out of the car it started raining, so we had to do a plan B and shoot indoors!

So i just had to shoot indoors, but I managed to find some good shots despite the weather not being so kind to us. And I managed to find a new best friend. I had some photos of a birthday cake on my camera, and the young boy saw them as I was scrolling through them. He kept asking me “Can you show me birthday cake”, and every time I did, he sung happy birthday. Apparently in day care, the kids sing happy birthday quite often since they celebrate everyone’s birthday. He made my day, and he loved my photos so I was happy too.

Enjoy the photos!