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Why you need a Party Photographer Sydney

Why you need a Party Photographer Sydney – Birthday Party Photography

These days parents are putting a lot more effort into organising their child’s birthday party. The venue, setup, theme, costumes, cake and entertainment all requires careful and detailed planning and organisation. A photographer is therefore essential for the day if you want to preserve these memory and the effort, so that you can look at the photos with your child when he or she grows up and talk about how much fun everyone had.

Forget mum and dad in the backyard with games of badly wrapped pass the parcel and tables of fairy bread, the trend is now for styled, catered and themed birthday parties is now the norm in Sydney. And everyone is getting into it, with parents spending months planning the event to make it something to remember. Recently I have been asked to photograph parties which thousands of dollars on decorations, private entertainment for the kids,  hiring out venues and wining and dining their guests with 3 course meals and banquets. It’s becoming more and more normal for this.

If you’re going to put in all that time, effort, sweat and tears you really should look hiring a party photographer Sydney. It is normally the last thing people remember to do, but I can tell you that if you do not hire someone with the task to photograph your birthday party, then all you will be left is with a whole lot of cleaning up to do, mess and not a lot to remember the day with. In most cases, parents might snap a few photos with their iPhones and hope that these photos do the task, but rarely is this good enough.

We highly recommend having a dedicated photographer to stay for at least 2 hours to photograph all of the styling, theming, food and details you prepared, capturing the fun and energy as well as putting together a story as well as the formalities such as cake cutting. I feel that it is a real pity that parents are so caught up with hosting, entertaining guests, keeping their kids happy that they completely forget to take photographs, but if you hire a professional to take care of this then you’ll have something to show the kids when they grow up and they will remember how much fun they had, the food they ate, the games they played and most importantly the presents they got from everyone!

If you need a party photographer Sydney for your next Sydney Birthday Party, then contact our team for a quote