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5 Reasons why you should hire a Christmas Party Photographer Sydney

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With Christmas around the corner, it is time for most of us to start thinking about christmas presents, christmas carols and christmas cake. And also your work christmas party!

It doesn’t matter how big or small the party, it deserves to be remembered for all of the effort that was put in and to document this special momentous occasion, as it only comes around once a year.

If you ever thought why would someone hire a photographer for their Christmas party in Sydney or Special Event in Sydney, here’s some very good reasons why you need a party photographer.

1) You will be very busy entertaining Guests and have no time! 

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Have you ever hosted a party where you were the chef, the waiter, the host, the baby sitter and the person responsible for taking the photos….and because you were too stressed worrying about all those things, you forgot to take photos? I am sure you’ve had this moment before.

2) Don’t ask your co-worker /best mate who has a cool/awesome/big camera to take photos for you

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I find that it is virtually impossible to be a guest at a Christmas party and also be the photographer responsible taking care of the memories. These two jobs are mutually exclusive and don’t go hand in hand. If you’re the photographer, that’s all you should be doing and not drinking, partying and having fun. Leave it to the professionals!

Besides, your employee/colleague won’t get paid to do this job and won’t like if they don’t receive anything in return. Plus, they won’t be able to relax and have fun and enjoy the company bonding and celebration time with colleagues, which in my opinion worth its weight in gold.

For something this important, I would recommend hiring a professional who is experienced in party/event photography who can capture the moments for you.

3) You will  have professional looking images of your birthday party of all the special moments and details

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A professional photographer has the skills, knowledge and equipment to take great photos of your birthday party or special event. There is a lot going on during a party which needs to be captured – these thing are should be photographed as well as all of the guests who have come from near and far to be there.

4) Peace of mind knowing your party will be remembered/cherished/savoured by your co-w0rkers

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Having that peace of mind will help you to relax, unwind, enjoy the party because you organised a party so you can have a good time, not to stress out about taking photos. There is more to party photography than you think! It’s a small price to pay for a lifetime of memories.

How to find the right photographer for your Christmas party

Here are some ideas on how to choose the right party photographer:

1) Get someone who is a specialist at what they do – hire a party/event photographer for a party, not a portrait photographer or an amateur

2) Choose someone’s work who you like and have a look at their portfolio to see consistency in style and quality

3) Make sure they have a contract and specify exactly what you are getting – Otherwise they are not liable for anything such as not showing up, not giving you the photos afterwards or running away with you money

4) Prices, Prices, Prices. Don’t go for the cheapest option. Sure there are people who will charge next to nothing on Gumtree, but they don’t have the skills/experience/equipment. If it’s too good to be true, then it probably is. Nothing worse then getting you photos back and regretting the fact you got what you paid for….a whole load of crappy photos.

5) Ask if they are insured – Very important, because if they are not then if they hurt someone by accident with their equipment or break something, they have to be able to pay for it!

And the last but not the least- we always recommend completing every party with a stunning photo book. A photo album or photo book will make any party complete and absolutely unforgettable!

Hope this guide helps you in your search for that party photographer in Sydney.

Here’s what one of our clients said about our Christmas party service

Enough Said 🙂

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