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Phillipa’s 3rd – Birthday Party Photographer Sydney

Birthday Party Photography Sydney

Phillipa turned 3 recently and I was asked by her parents to come back and document her birthday party once again. Two years ago, I had the pleasure of documenting her birthday party. It was HUGE! There was over 100 people attending, jumping castles, cakes, so much food and lots of screaming kids!

This time around, it was just a family party but still it was impressive with so much food everyone had doggie bags to take home afterwards. The parents swore never again to have such a massive party this time.

There was a dress up theme where kids dressed up in their favourite costumes, and so did some of the parents. The kids had fun painting on canvas and some of the work was impressive to say the least!

The day ended with the cutting of the cake ,and lots of goodie bags to take home. Not bad for a small party!

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